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26 June 2022 21:00WUF venue entrance

Katowice after dark

On Sunday, June 26th, at 21.00 join us for a night walk to explore gender-equitable safety and mobility in cities after dark!

Using the My Safetipin app with Katowice as a testing ground, this night walk will crowd-source information on women and minorities’ lived experience of the night, and use the city as a case study to learn about mobility and safety for the vulnerable - and thus the wellbeing of all.

Cities are rarely planned for the night and local authorities need to consider that the use of the city changes at night compared to the daytime and requires adequate policies and actions.


21:00 – meeting point main entrance at the WUF venue

21:45 – start of the walk

  • Spodek
  • Insurgents Park
  • Main Square
  • City Hall
  • Railway Station Square
  • Neon Signs Route 3 -
    • Maja Street
    • Main Square
    • Jana street
    • Dworcowa street
    • Mariacka Street

23:00 - End of the walk

Help make your city safer with MySafetipin App. 

Audit Public space and get a safety score for your neighbourhood in minutes! You can also track or share your location with friends and family.

The App is now available in English, Spanish, Polish, Ukranian and Romanian for WUF11. You can download the app in both the Google Play and Apple Store.

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